Competitive intelligence is an essential tool that helps define, analyze, gather, and distribute intelligence about customers, products, and competitors required to support managers and executives in decision-making for organizations.

We, at KYM Global, implement the competitive landscape analysis in an accurate direction and modify the information into intelligence to get the maximum benefits from the process. Our experts update the clients about their competitors and activities, specify their position in the market, keep track of the new competitors, and perform media scanning.

Our Competitive Landscape Analysis services include:

● Gap Analysis
● Brand Tracking & Research
● Product & Pricing Research
● Company Profiling and Analysis
● Competitive Benchmarking

Furthermore, we maintain maximum privacy, which is considered a prime challenge in the all-around search for competitive intelligence. Our team makes sure that our services reach the customers on time and be efficient, fast, and dependable. Our reports are always highly reliable and neutral to maintain professional ethics. These factors made us trustworthy among our esteemed clients, including renowned research organizations and corporate firms.
Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Our competitor analysis services help organizations identify their competitors, evaluate their strategies, and figure out their weaknesses and strengths as per their products or services. Our competitive intelligence solutions supported with analytics can be a part of your company's marketing plan.

Better prediction of the competitor's reaction to competitive moves

Successful strategic management needs a flexible approach and a bird's eye view of the competitive landscape analysis. We at KYM Global evaluate the competitors by positioning them in strategic groups for competitor benchmarking. We list their services and products, growth patterns, marketing assumptions and objectives, strengths and weaknesses, and profitability for every strategic group. Plus, your competitor analysis is tailor-made for your unique needs and covers the particular market and the local economy.

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