KYM Global is one of the leading providers of cost-effective primary market research services. Our primary research methods include primary interviews, social media monitoring, test marketing, on-site research, focus groups, computer-assisted interviewing, and personalized mail surveys. With our primary Interviews and Insights from C-level executives, we cross-check information with stakeholders and gain insights to understand their views about their products or services. Furthermore, the primary research procedure can also be customized as per the company's needs.

How We Do It?

Our Approach

KYM Global helps you leverage insights generated from multiple information sources, including a primary interview, to understand and influence customer behavior.

Custom Research

We conduct in-depth market research, which is ideal for your needs. We are methodology-agnostic, which allows us to establish the research technique suitable to address your business problem.

Decision-driven research

We tailor primary research focused on informing business decisions. We seek to answer the essential questions to inform the key business decisions and take suitable actions.

Multifaceted Insights

Besides multiple sources of insight results, we help you go above primary market research to leverage multiple sources of insights such as secondary data analysis, syndicated resources, and social listening.

Benefits of our Primary Market Research Services

Here are some of the benefits you can experience by selecting KYM Global as your market research consulting firm.

  • We collect and deliver valuable information that would be hard to obtain through other methods like secondary search.
  • We provide unbiased information by performing superior primary research.
  • Our primary research services help you assess competitors from every conceivable angle to easily maintain a competitive edge.
  • We provide a comprehensive range of primary market research services that can be personalized and adapted to work for budgets of all sizes.
  • We acquire data directly from the actual buyers and potential customers, enabling you to match customer needs with your service and product portfolio.
  • Facilitates cost-effective and quick turnaround for primary market research services by serving as a global outsourcing provider.
  • We have a team of primary market research experts with advanced academic credentials that are always available when you need their help.