Sometimes, syndicated reports don't offer the insights you are looking for, whereas custom research reports can provide you clarity in your area of interest. Custom Research is customer-focused, allowing you to determine the exact data you want, when you want it, and how you would like it presented. Through customized research, your company can collect market insights that will immensely support them to make informed decisions.

Being a custom marketing research firm, KYM Global uses several techniques and tools to unravel the latest trends, industry growth patterns, market forecasts within a time frame, and the competitors' market share. If you need a unique and in-depth analysis of a particular sector, we can work with you to make a stand-alone study to fulfil your needs.

Why your Business needs Custom Market Research?

Customized market research can provide mission-critical insights involving :

  • Market sizing, forecasting, and segmentation
  • Channel Analysis
  • Industry drivers, technology trends, and regulatory factors.
  • Voice of the market like purchasing criteria and unmet needs
  • Market Share analysis
  • Profiling and competitive intelligence
  • Value chain analysis, including integration level and profitability
How Can Custom Research Benefit your Business?
  1. Deeper Insight: Custom research involves deep analysis with more primary searches like phone interviews with suppliers, experts, and other members in the space. The research quality you get in custom research can provide an additional dimension of insight not found in syndicated research.

  2. Laser Target Information: Collaborating with a market research firm to tailor your research will let you get solutions to your unique queries focusing on your particular company, not the entire industry similar to you.

  3. Budget Flexibility: Generally, custom research is expensive compared to syndicated reports. However, it is collaborative, so the market research company can consider your budget and design a study according to it while still providing solutions for your critical questions.