KYM Global provides integrated qualitative and quantitative market research services to meet a range of business needs. Being a qualitative market research firm, we have worked with various global brands along with leading consulting firms in delivering insights to support service and product development, market entry, brand communications, and customer experience management.

We conduct a range of B2C and B2B market research studies on both local and global levels. Our experts use one or more qualitative and quantitative search methodologies including telephonic interviews, online surveys, group discussions as per your goals to deliver the best results.

Moreover, KYM Global has a wide track record of excellence in market search analysis. With a team of experts and analysts, we handle the end-to-end primary research process from tailoring survey design and programming, data collection, and processing to reporting.

Our primary research services

Quantitative Market Research

● Web/ Online surveys

● Phone interviews

● Mixed-mode interviews

● Face-to-face interviews

Qualitative Market research

● Focus groups

● In-depth interviews

● Executive interviews

● JV and M&A analysis

● SWOT Analysis

● PESTLE and PORTER's 5 analysis (PESTLE stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental factors. It allows a company to form an impression of the factors that might impact a new business or industry)

● Market drivers and restraints

● Market Trends

● Key market developments

● Market Forecast

Advantages of using both qualitative and quantitative market research methods together

Both qualitative and quantitative market research have their significance. So, combining these provides various benefits enabling you to compare the results and gain much deeper insights. Here are some of the ways that justify using qualitative and quantitative research together to deliver real benefits:

The strength of online research

All the qualitative research had to be carried out face-to-face via focus groups in the back days. With the growth of digital channels, there are more accessible ways of getting qualitative insights, like online communities to share information and materials with your audience. The properly designed online communities allow you to collect quantitative data using surveys and quick polls from the same audience cooperatively.

Achieve a holistic picture

Combining qualitative and quantitative market research through one platform allows you to get a holistic picture. It means you can have a multi-stage discussion to validate a hypothesis, understand, and widen your scope to get statistical data before testing a solution.